Helyxir Group | How to purchase ?
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How to purchase ?

Purchasing Off plan, and how it works


1. Reservation
You can reserve a property by completing a reservation form and sending a 2% security deposit to the notaries office. You will have 5 days from the moment you sign your reservation form to the notaire receiving your deposit.


2. Reservation contract
Once we receive your deposit and reservation form, we will send you your reservation contract. This enters you into a more formal agreement to purchase the property.

3. Financing & documentation
Once you have signed your reservation contract, you will be in a postion to officially approach banks to secure any personal finance* required. Helyxir will help you to complete paperwork and prepare the final sales act (“acte de vente”).


*We work closely with several banks & brokers who will be able to guide you with financing any of our projects.


4. Complete the purchase
Once your finance is in place, you will be asked to sign the ‘acte de vente’ at the French Notaire’s office, at what stage you become full owner of your property. At this point, you will be required to pay the next stage payment to the Notaire, the amount of which depends on the stage of construction, subject to the payment schedule below*.


– 2% Reservation fee

– 32% upon start of construction work (total 34%)

– 33% upon completion of foundations and ground floor (total 67%)

– 16,61% upon completion of roofing & external carpentry (total 83,61%)

– 6,39% upon construction of interior walls (90%)

– 5% upon completion of the house (95%)

– 5% upon conveyance of keys (100%)


*The payment schedule can vary from project to project


5. Receive your property
Once all stages have been achieved, you will be able to take possession of your property. You will conduct a formal receivership of the property and notify any snagging issues to be amended by the developer at this stage.